Trial medication for asthma en COPD

18 - 55
  • Male
  • Female
February - March
7 to 14 days
€ 2600

Are you:

  • a healthy male or female
  • aged from 18 to 55 years (inclusive)
  • with a BMI from 19,0 to 30,0 kg/m² (inclusive)
  • non-smoker or ex-smoker who has smoked less than 5 pack years (number of cigarette packs per day x number of years smoked)
  • not using daily medication

What does the trial involve?

SGS study BE-80-2100230 investigates the treatment of asthma and COPD.  
During 10 weeks you will have the following appointments

  • a screening 
  • 1 short follow-up visit (woman) or 1 telephone follow-up 
  • 4 times a 3-day (2-night) stay in our Unit
  • a final examination

Take part in this trial and:

  • help us develop tomorrow's medicines
  • and receive a generous tax-free (in Belgium) payment of € 2600

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