Why participate?

Show your heart and save lives

Why participate?

Clinical research is of vital importance.  
Not only does it help advance science but it is a necessary step in the development of new medicines.  
So, show your heart and participate in clinical studies to investigate new medicines to give future patients hope for a better life.  

Help improve medicines and cure people 

Every day, scientists are discovering new, promising molecules (the small, active substances in medicines). However, it takes years for these molecules to be brought to market as new medicines where they can be made available to patients. This is because the promising molecules need to be researched thoroughly first.  
The first step is various laboratory tests under diverse conditions to investigate whether the molecules are safe enough for humans. This is called the preclinical phase.

Only after this has been completed will the molecule be tested in humans, i.e. make the important step to studies in clinical research centres like the SGS CPU. We test low dosages of the medicine on healthy participants. We study how the medicine is absorbed in the body, how it works and whether it causes any side effects. Once these tests have been completed, the new medicine can be tested on patients on a larger scale.   

Taking part in clinical studies to investigate new medicines is truly the work of pioneers. You play a crucial role in the development of new medicines that can save human lives in the future. 

How do clinical studies work?

You will receive a compensation for your involvement 

In exchange for the pioneering you do, you can count on a generous payment (tax free in Belgium). The amount depends on various factors. In general: the bigger the time investment, the higher the payment. You cannot participate in clinical studies non-stop. The interval between two clinical studies you participate in depends on the interval required for each study. This ranges from 1 to 3 months (or longer) between studies. 

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Enjoy some me time during a comfortable stay  

During the study, you will stay in a pleasant, homely environment, where everything is geared to your comfort. You will have plenty of time to relax between tests and you can enjoy some me time in your room or in the communal spaces. You can watch TV, read a book, listen to music or get to know the other participants. You can even study or work. You do not need to worry about cooking, because all meals are provided. In summary, your stay will be fully serviced from arrival to departure.   

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But are clinical studies safe?  

Taking part in a clinical study is safe.  

Before the study starts, the promising molecule will have already been researched extensively in various laboratories. Our team of independent doctors will do thorough preliminary research based on all the available data before accepting a study. Your safety is our primary concern! All studies are designed according to stringent ICH-GCP and European guidelines. And finally, they are approved by the Belgian Authorities and an independent medical ethics committee before they can be started.  

All our studies are conducted in our SGS CPU on the UZA Campus in Edegem by a team of experienced doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Your safety therefore comes first. Every participant undergoes thorough medical screening before, during and after participation. 

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