Our research center


SGS CPU has an independent, ultra-modern research centre in Edegem to conduct its research into tomorrow's medicines. This facility allows medicines to be trialled under optimal conditions and allows our pioneers to enjoy a homely, comfortable stay. 

Me time

There will certainly be plenty of time for you to relax during your stay at our research centre. Together with other participants or some me time, that's completely up to you.

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Accommodation units

SGS CPU has 3 different accommodation units. Each of these units has its own specific characteristics, but all have stylish, comfortable decor to make any stay at the SGS CPU as pleasant as possible.

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Have you come to register for a screening, stay or follow-up? Our receptionists are here to help you.

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Screening & return

The ‘screening and return’ department on the ground floor is always a hub of pioneer activity. Short visits before, during or at the end of a trial... trial participants regularly visit for follow-up.

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The tests done at our facility support the development process of new medicines.

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Our laboratories are equipped to prepare, handle and store all samples required for any specific trial.

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