Receive fair compensation for your involvement 

What can you expect?

Working as a pioneer is important and valuable. This is why you receive a generous compensation for your participation in a clinical study to investigate a new medicine at SGS CPU (tax free in Belgium). This payment is to compensate you for your time and involvement. In general, the bigger the time investment, the higher the payment. The exact amount depends on various factors within the study. The information sheet for each study contains the specific payment information.       

Payment after the screening

What if you undergo the screening for a specific clinical study but you do not end up taking part in it? Whatever the reason, if your medical file is found not to be a match for the study, you decide not to take part, ... you will receive payment of € 50 plus travel expenses (calculated per km).  
If you need to return for any additional repeat tests after the screening, the additional payment is € 15 plus travel expenses (calculated per km). 

Travel expenses are calculated on the basis of the shortest distance between your home address and SGS CPU in Edegem (€ 0.3542/km, max. 120 km one way). 

If the screening allows you to take part in the study, the payment for this part of the study is included in the final amount you will receive after completion of the final examination. 

Payment after the final examination

Once you have completed the study, including all steps from the stay to the follow-up and the final examination, payment of the specific amount mentioned in the information sheet will follow soon. It is interesting to note that payment for taking part in clinical research is not taxed in Belgium. 

Payment after early termination 

In exceptional cases, the study can to be terminated early. The payment will then depend on the actual study duration and the reason for early termination.   

Get a gift voucher

If you recruit a friend or relative who is not already in our clinical research database, we will give you a voucher to say thank you. It is important that this new pioneer mentions your name on the registration form. You will receive an e-voucher of € 50 automatically one month after this person has taken part in their first screening. The gift voucher is valid only on Belgian and Dutch websites.

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