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Unfortunately clinical research is fairly unknown. And the unknown goes hand in hand with uncertainty... We are nevertheless all very grateful when there are medicines available when we have health problems. And this is only possible because of what pioneers do. 

By sharing your experiences of taking part in a study at the SGS CPU, you can offer people who are interested a genuine view of clinical research. You can do this in various ways.  


We very much appreciate it if you can leave a review about your participation. It only takes 2 minutes to post a valuable (anonymous) review by filling in our online form. Not only does this provide a personal opinion of our services and facilities others can benefit from, but it also provides key learning points for us. That way we can continue to improve and make positive changes in the future. 

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Your contribution to clinical studies to investigate new medicines will be even greater if you can motivate others to find out more about becoming a pioneer. Fill in the form below so we can contact your friend or relative to give them more information about how our research centre works, of course without any obligation.  
That person can then make their own individual decision on whether they want to be included in our database. When this pioneer visits us for their first screening, you will automatically receive a € 50 voucher (online ‘keuzekaart’ via ‘cadeauconcepten’). It is important that the pioneer mentions your name on their registration form. The gift vouchers is valid only on Belgian and Dutch websites.


A few loyal pioneers have recently volunteered to have testimonials recorded. Each gave their own opinions, experiences and concerns about clinical research.  Watch them now!  


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